Fitbit Surge VS Charge HR Comparison

Fitbit Surge VS Charge HR is the comparison between the two most outstanding fitness trackers from Fitbit to help you choose the one that is the best choice for your needs. If you are looking for wireless devices and fitness trackers, you should consider the Fitbit wearable devices as one of the best activity trackers. There are a huge collection of quality fitness trackers and you can find important competition with its latest products so your fitness routine and lifestyle need the best device.

Fitbit Surge VS Charge HR: Band

Fitbit Surge VS Charge HR

Fitbit Surge VS Charge HR

Compared to the band on Surge, Charge HR comes with band that is lighter thinner, and rather streamlined. The band flexes thanks to its elastomer material. There are a range of four colors offered including dark, tangerine, plum, and blue, and three sizes options, large, small, and extra-large. Surge comes with a light band though it is wider to hold and prop up the LCD screen. The band bend together with your wrist as it is flexible thanks to an elastomer material commonly used in sports watches. There are three colors options offered: blue, dark, and tangerine and three sizes: large, small, and extra-large. Charge HR is the winner in this Fitbit Surge VS Charge HR aspect as it has smaller band and is offered wider range color options.

Fitbit Surge VS Charge HR: Display

The Surge comes with the backdrop illumination that allows users to see easily in any light also due to its LCD touch-screen. Messages and missed calls, cell phone notifications, the number of steps taken, and calories burnt can be seen. Charge HR comes with an OLED display that features missed calls, day by day details but no messages shown. Seeing screen in dim lighting or in the dark can be hard as there is no backlight. The Surge is the winner here as users can see the screen when running in the dark.

Fitbit Surge VS Charge HR: Water Resistance

Fitbit Surge VS Charge HR

Fitbit Surge VS Charge HR

Both models are flush in this Fitbit Surge VS Charge HR category as both can be worn out in a terrible weather or in the shower though both cannot be worn during swimming activities.

Fitbit Surge VS Charge HR: Pricing

You can buy the Surge at $249 while the Charge HR is offered at $200, so the additional components cost you extra. But, Fitbit offers an awesome discount deal for either so both worth evenly. If the price is not your concern, the Surge is your best choice between Fitbit Surge VS Charge HR as it comes with multi-sport next, GPS underline, and improved Caller ID.

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