Garmin Vivosmart HR App Review

Garmin Vivosmart HR app is a still a perfect fitness tracker which replicates a couple of important smartwatch functions also, even it does not come with GPS tracking.

Garmin Vivosmart HR App

Alerts and Alarms

Garmin Vivosmart HR App

Garmin Vivosmart HR App

The Garmin Vivosmart HR app comes with vibrations alerts so it can be set in order to wake you up silently in the morning. You can even find the icon of clock which is located in the display when it comes or you to set the alarm. A vibrating alert will also be gotten when you do not active for a long time period, your wrist buzzing will also be gotten by any notifications that you choose.

These notifications are another key thing in the Garmin Vivosmart HR app plus column. This caller ID information will be displayed by this device and also text messages which arrive on your phone. Meanwhile this device will give you’re an alert to notifications on all of the third party applications which are available on your phone. There are a couple of notifications that you can get such as credit card purchases, Twitter mentions, PlayStation friend requests, Amazon deliveries and even a couple of notifications from application of Fitbit.

This watch comes with small screen which does not help you to read long text messages, but it is very easy to read a couple of notifications when they come in and you do not have to dig your phone from your pocket. If you do not like smartwatch, you can have the notifications of your phone on fitness tracker that will be a hard compromise.

The Garmin Vivosmart HR app is a perfect fitness tracker. It comes with a lot of features than you can imagine. This watch also comes with built-in display that is easy to read, touch screen control, web portal, supporting application and integrated heart rate monitor. There also a couple of extra feature like notifications of relaying of your entire phone and find my phone.

The disadvantage of this watch that can be leveled at the Vivosmart HR is that this watch is not the perfect fitness tracker that you can purchase because it is very large and utilitarian. But when you think about the feature set, very attractive price and usability that is has, the minor criticism is not a big deal. For those of you who are looking for fitness tracker, Garmin Vivosmart HR app is the perfect choice for you.


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