Huawei Watch VS Moto 360 Design Comparison

Huawei Watch VS Moto 360 is the most popular watch nowadays, but you have to consider that those watches are expensive. The Android Wear devices come with design which has evolved through the years, and nowadays there are a couple of watches which look like perfect watches. At this article you will find the design comparison of Huawei Watch VS Moto 360.

Huawei Watch VS Moto 360 Breakdown

Design Comparison

Huawei Watch VS Moto 360

Huawei Watch VS Moto 360

Huawei Watch VS Moto 360 is round watches which are supported with a 42mm face. The first thing that you have to consider when comparing smart wathes is the design. The Huawei Watch VS Moto 360 comes with minimal bezel design which looks like a real watch. A couple of other watches that have been completed with round screens have a couple of mass which is located outside the screen in order to feature the components. It will make the device overall footprint is not comfortable.

If compared to a couple of other wear devices, both of these watches are very comfortable. Meanwhile, the lug design of Motorola is better than the design of Huawei. The Moto360 comes with the lugs which can be found form the body of the watch and the band is attached to the round body of the watch very closely. The lugs of Huawei watch so straight out a couple of millimeters and the attachment of the band is farther out.

Basically it means that Moto 360 sits flat on your wrist. Meanwhile, there are a couple of air between the lugs of the Huawei Watch and your arm. For those of you who have larger wrist you will face a couple of problems with the Huawei Watch.

Huawei Watch VS Moto 360 image

Huawei Watch VS Moto 360 image

The Motorola band comes with high quality leather but it is treated by wax and will be a little annoying at first if compared to the original leather band on the Huawei Watch. Motorola also comes with a couple of amazing customization options for the 360 through Moto Maker. Bands, patterns, bezel colors, and case colors can be mixed and matched. The Huawei watch also comes with a couple of different SKUs, but you will not find customization. The black version of Huawei also comes with analog tick marks that are located around the display that many people think that it is not important for such a smart watch. The Huawei watch is also heavier than the Moto 360 and even though its ten inches thinner technically, the lug design of the device makes it looks thicker.


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