Samsung Gear S2 iPhone Compatible Advantages

Samsung Gear S2 iPhone is the electronic bracelet which is different from the first generation. This smartwatch comes with classical round shape and has different appearance on the background from the watches of traditional analog if compared with Apple Watch, the attention shows with the chronometer classic design and also the same main screens of the device.

Samsung Gear S2 iPhone Advantages

Built-in GPS

Samsung Gear S2 iPhone

Samsung Gear S2 iPhone

Apple Watch comes with biggest disadvantage which is lack of built-in GPS module. As it happens, it is important for you to bring your iPhone, or you also cannot see the route fix on the run. Samsung Gear S2 iPhone is equipped with 3G that is completed with GPS receiver and S Health and Nike+ which is supported with the GPS tracking.

Network Support

You can buy the choice which provides T-Mobile, but AT&T and Verizon also come with this version in their stores. Besides the fact that you buy a watch which is supported with 3G connectivity in order to make your run safer, it also comes with the ability in order to use it as additional phone.

Full Dust and Water Resistance

The design of the Samsung Gear S2 iPhone comes with requirements of the standard IP68. It means that protection will protect the penetration into the solid particles body and water resistant when come to 1-3 m depth. Meanwhile the Apple Watch comes with protection that has the rating of IPX7. Apple Watch is water resistant. It is perfect to use for those of you who love to jog in the morning. It is very safe when it comes the rain. But you cannot use it while you are swimming.

Stainless Steel Case

Samsung Gear S2 iPhone

Samsung Gear S2 iPhone

The Samsung Gear S2 iPhone comes with a silicone strap, but the case of the watch is created of stainless steel. From the same price range, Apple Watch is made from aluminum. The stainless steel of the Apple Watch will spend your money for about $200 which is more expensive than Samsung Gear S2 3G.

Rotating Bezel

Besides the fact that the Samsung Gear S2 iPhone compatible 3G comes with only touch screen and two buttons, there is also a rotating bezel which has been added to the interface. When bezel has been twisted, you will find that it becomes clear clicks and before stops it will turn a couple of stuff including simplifies navigation significantly.  So that you have to be careful to choose which one the best for you.

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