Samsung Gear S2 VS Apple Watch Comparison

This article will give you the comparison of Samsung Gear S2 VS Apple Watch in terms of specs and features of the two brands of smartwatches. For those of you who are looking for a brand new smartwatch in the market, there are a couple of models that are available out there. These are a couple of comparisons that you have to understand of Samsung Gear S2 VS Apple Watch before you choose the best one.

Samsung Gear S2 VS Apple Watch


Samsung Gear S2 VS Apple Watch

Samsung Gear S2 VS Apple Watch

There are two main versions that you choose from whether you choose Apple or Samsung smartwatch. Samsung will offer Gear S2 Classic and Gear S2 and Apple Watch will offer 42mm or 38mm sizes. You can also choose heavier and thicker 3G model of the Samsung Gear S2.


Both models of Samsung smartwatches come in the casing of stainless steel. In terms of Apple Watch you can choose from stainless steel, aluminum and 18-karat gold depends on how much money that you want to spend for it. You can also choose for gold-colored finish that you can get from aluminum versions.

Band Materials

The Samsung G2 Classic has the strap that is leather instead of plastic. In terms of the Apple Watch, you can find that there a couple of different choices that you can choose according to three basic materials.

Quick Release Band

The straps can be replaced easily on one of these timepieces. You have to consider that Apple Watch is not compatible immediately with standard watch brands; a couple of different band options have been sold by Apple that you can choose from. There are also a couple of third-party Apple Watch bands that you can find on a couple of websites such as eBay and Amazon.

Display with Sensitive Pressure

Samsung Gear S2 VS Apple Watch

Samsung Gear S2 VS Apple Watch

Apple Watch comes with one of the flagship features which are the Force Touch display. This feature connects presses of a couple of different degrees. But a hard press will not do the same thing as a light tap. The Samsung Gear S2 will not come with a Force Touch; instead you have to use a standard touch screen.

Display Resolution

You will get a couple of more pixels from the Samsung Gear S2, but Apple Watch comes with different sizes and shapes in terms of the screen which is coming out about 8 percent sharper which is based on the density of the pixel. Now it is up to you to choose the best one according to your preference.

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