How to Setup Sony Smartwatch 3 iPhone

An incredible user experience will be offered by Apple Watch, but for those of you who cannot afford it, it is better for you to choose Sony Smartwatch 3 iPhone. In this article, you will find information on how to setup Sony Smartwatch 3 iPhone and also give information about drawbacks and benefits.

You can also get the information about how to use Sony Smartwatch 3 iPhone. And also you have to know a couple of limitations and also advantages of using Sony Smartwatch 3 iPhone over Apple Watch.

How to Use Sony Smartwatch 3 iPhone

 Sony Smartwatch 3 iPhone

Sony Smartwatch 3 iPhone

First of all, you will have to buy an iPhone 5 or newer which is operating on iOS 8.2 so that it can be compatible with the device of your Android.

After you got your hardware ready, it is the perfect time for you to switch it and start running your thing on the software. If you want to synchronize your iPhone by using your Sony Smartwatch 3 iPhone, you will have to download the Android Wear app via App store. After you install it, you can launch the application and your watch can start to be set up. The installation process is very simple and very straightforward.

That is all you can do. In order to get additional configurations and settings, you just have to go to the application on your iPhone, and then you can click the small cog and the settings can be edited according to your preference. The interface of the watch can also be changed by using your iPhone.


After you install it, your Sony Smartwatch 3 iPhone can be setup and synchronized with your iPhone. You will be wondering that you will face a couple of problems by connecting two platforms. There are a couple of limitations of this combination.

Sony Smartwatch 3 iPhone limitation

Sony Smartwatch 3 iPhone limitation

For those of you who are looking for list that comes with a lot of features by Google, it is perfect for you to choose Sony Smartwatch 3 towards iPhone. unluckily, because of the ecosystem of Apple and third-party hardware policy, the integration of Android wear with your iPhone is not compatible as Apple Watch and also an Android wear device with Android phone. Meanwhile, the extensions of the normal Android wear that you can find on the Android are not offered on the iPhone. But this article will help you on how to setup Sony Smartwatch 3 to iPhone, so you do not have to worry anymore.


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