Sony Smartwatch 3 Review in-Depth

In this Sony smartwatch 3 review, you will read a couple of explanations which are related to this watch from design to display and many more. This watch is may not be the best Android wear device that ever made, but this watch comes with built-in GPS and also new metal design. This is one of the most complete watches in the world today. It is perfect for you to read this Sony smartwatch 3 review because this watch comes with new stylish stainless steel model that is available in the market.

Sony Smartwatch 3 Review

Display and Design

Sony Smartwatch 3 review for deep

Sony Smartwatch 3

In terms of aesthetics, the Sony smartwatch 3 is not breaking the brand new ground at all. In terms of design, this watch comes with the GPS running watch which has been strapped by rubber and shockingly looks sportier instead of fashionable.

This watch also comes with standard rubber strap with yellow or black color options but in terms of traditional accessory straps which are available there are a couple of features such as adjustable clasp that lets you get a perfect fit and the smartwatch module can be simply popped in and out in order to mix and match the straps.

The design of this watch is very comfortable and lightweight if a little bland. This is a smartwatch which is suitable for those of you who love to train and jog.

One important thing that you have to know about the strap is that it can collect grime and dust that you never seen before, because it comes with type of fluff magnet. The version of stainless steel comes with a little bit of style to the blend and for those of you who like the luxury metal watches weighty assurance will not disappointed by the feel.

Sony Smartwatch 3

Sony Smartwatch 3

This model comes with traditional link system, so it can be adjusted in order to get a comfortable fit. But it is probably better to ask help from watch shop to do that because it is not easy and the straps could be damaged when you try to get the pins out.

This watch is not great at viewing angles and you will not be surprised even with the brightness which has been turned up. Most of this watch fans wish that the next product of Sony smartwatch will follow the success of Xperia smartphone because it is very good and phenomenal. This Sony smartwatch 3 review should determined your choice.


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